Soal Latihan Physical Layer

SOAL LATIHAN PHYSICAL LAYER (dari buku COMPUTER NETWORKS – Andrew S. Tanenbaum edisi 4)  :

3. Television channels are 6 MHz wide. How many bits/sec can be sent if four-level digital signals are used? Assume a noiseless channel.
4. If a binary signal is sent over a 3-kHz channel whose signal-to-noise ratio is 20 dB, what is the maximum achievable data rate?
5. What signal-to-noise ratio is needed to put a T1 carrier on a 50-kHz line?
41. Three packet-switching networks each contain n nodes. The first network has a star topology with a central switch, the second is a (bidirectional) ring, and the third is fully interconnected, with a wire from every node to every other node. What are the best-, average-, and-worst case transmission paths in hops?

Jawaban dapat didownload disini : Evaluasi tugas-physical


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